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Our company is official distributor of "Gazpromneft Bitumnie Materiali" and products "Brit". We deliveries the different product types of bitumens, such us bitumen base, polymer modified bitumen PMB and other products from bitumen ( the hermetics,the mastics, the emulsions, the bitumen polymer, the junction tapes, protective and refreshing coumponds) with the trade mark "Brit"  from the warehouse in Riga to any place in Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia.
Use of materials and technological solutions of "Brit" quaranties a longer service life of building the objects and safe protection against the harmful effects of the  enviromental factors .
Bitumen materials "Brit" are produce in factories Gazpromneft Bitumen Materials in Vjazma and Rjazanj in the Russian Federation.
If You have questions about work with bitumen materials and You can not find the answers, our specialists will help to You anytime.

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